Rampant Interactive

Rampant is small, balanced, and brilliant.
Our strength comes from our team.

Dana Huth — Co-Founder

Studio Manager / Lead Designer

Dana is both assertive and passionate, making her a strong leader and a reliable colleague. Her background in traditional art gives her a balanced and unique eye for design that gives our projects the style they deserve.

Ben Triola — Co-Founder

Problem Solver

Ben is adventurous and innovative. He looks at the big picture to find solutions for problems that you never knew needed solving. His genius is appropriately offset by his frequent absent-minded professorisms.

Joey Paniello

Lead Developer

Versatile and clever, Joey can expertly bring an interactive vision to life using any of a number of tools. His thirst for knowledge and ability to adapt make him invaluable to our team.


Relationship Manager

Small, scrappy, and sweet, Penny keeps morale high in the Rampant office. She takes her job as amateur watchdog very seriously, but we all know that she only barks because she wants so badly to sniff your shoes.