Rampant Interactive

Qualifications Text

We believe in designing experiences that enrich lives.


Rampant Interactive has a unique approach when it comes to designing interactive applications. We’re not an agency, and because of this, we feel we provide a more personalized and genuine experience to our clients. We strive to create remarkable experiences for both our client and their customers.


We will begin with in-depth planning and research, including identification of target demographic and user research to best organize and plan for optimal user experience. We’ll continue by creating wireframes and organizational documents to gain a detailed understanding of the application prior to the design and development process. We will then create “style tiles” that show the overall look and feel of the final design, with colors, text, headings, and patterns detailed. Upon style tile approval, design compositions of example screens will be created to reflect the agreed upon style. Upon full design approval, we begin the development process utilizing one of many available frameworks, chosen based on the ultimate needs of the project. We will test the project when the development process is near completion to allow for any changes or modifications. We then train the client and launch the website to the hosting provider of the client’s choosing, followed by thirty days of free technical support.

Relevant Experience:

Rampant Interactive has worked with a wide variety of clients on a number of unique interactive experiences. Our expertise ranges from website development and content management systems, to robust mobile applications, and even a hybrid of both. Our team are experts in both design and development, which ensures that your website or app will not only function properly, but will have great usability, and ultimately, create a positive user experience.