Rampant Interactive

Strange Donuts vs. The World

There’s no better way to spend time waiting in line for donuts than to play a fun, retro-inspired game about Strange Donuts! We worked with the popular donut shop Strange Donuts to create a game to expand their reach and entertain their customers. This challenging game features several of their most popular donuts, as well as dozens of their local partner businesses.

Best Brands Perfume

A local perfume wholesaler hoped to expand his business into the digital realm, so we worked closely with him to develop a brand including name, logo, and brand materials. We then developed an elegant, fully-functioning e-commerce website to house thousands of variable fragrance products.

Charged Security

Designed to be a tool for use in public places, Charged Security helps to protect iOS devices from theft or tampering. The app has two different arming modes, including motion sensitivity and a charge cable connection. When the app is armed and the mobile device is either jostled or unplugged, the app sets off a loud alarm, alerting all in the area that the device may be threatened.


We were excited to design a couture-themed website for the high-fashion designer shoe line Luichiny. With a huge focus on graphics, we make it easy for the users to see the latest products, view the latest media, download the available press kits, and more.

Cat Communicator

Have you ever wondered what your cat is telling you when it meows? Have you ever wished you had a human-to-cat translator so that you could communicate with each other? These are things we wish for. We made Cat Communicator for fun and we’re pretty happy with it.

Coffee App

Who doesn’t love coffee? We thought it would be fun to share different brewing methods and the history behind them. Coffees of the World is meant to be a beautiful resource for discovering new methods for an already existing love of coffee.

Plantar Fasciitis

As a patient education application, the Plantar Fasciitis app helps the user determine the proper course of treatment, and then captures survey information on the quality of treatment. The information is compiled into a database for research purposes, in order to best determine the most effective treatments for the ailment.

Anime STL App

The AnimeSTL app allows users to view convention schedules and information and seamlessly add events to their device’s calendar. The convention coordinators can easily add and edit content and events from a web-based administrative panel.

"I love Strange Donuts and I love this game! The retro video game style is awesome and reminds me of some of the best NES/SNES games. It's a little bit Paperboy, a touch of Final Fight and a whole lot of fun!"

— iTunes Reviewer

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