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Web Design Showcase: AirPlay Fragrances

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October 27th, 2011

We knew as soon as we started this project that it would be one of our favorites. Created locally near St. Louis, and sponsored by local superstars Nelly & the St. Lunatics, AirPlay is an exciting new product that required a unique website design to showcase it properly.

AirPlay was created by family-owned company Superior Products, located outside of St. Louis in Roxana, IL. Superior Products had already found success in creating automotive supplies and oil based fragrances that have become popular with auto dealers, auto repair shops, and other retailers nationwide. It was the perfect next step to create a product that was more marketable to the public. Superior Products partnered with Nelly and The St. Lunatics to bring AirPlay to life.

AirPlay website design

When we were contacted about this project, Airplay was already in production with the website URL printed on the boxes and bottle labels. There was an urgency to get this site completed by the time the product launched. We started out by creating a temporary landing page, which soon (and with a lot of hard work and long days) evolved into a robust and fully-functioning e-commerce website.

The website design needed to appeal to a young crowd. This allowed us to be really creative with colors and effects. We wanted the design to be slick and keep the focus on the product, while reflecting the style of the product sponsors. Basing our website design and color scheme on the product packaging, we were able to really highlight the product without distracting from it.

In the event that customers would choose to find a location to purchase AirPlay in person, there is both an event list and a store locator, so that customers can find retailers in their area quickly and easily. The event list allows users to connect with AirPlay representatives in person to sample and learn more about the products.

Working with the folks at Superior Products was really great, and this project has quickly turned into one of our favorite website designs.

Check out the AirPlay site now at www.airplayfresh.com

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