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Marketing With QR Codes

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September 13th, 2011

How to effectively use QR Codes - St Louis Web DesignQR, or “Quick Response,” codes are suddenly appearing everywhere. The little black and white matrix barcodes encourage savvy smartphone users to scan and find out more about what hides behind that checkered box.

Modern marketing strategists are understanding more and more about how they can help draw in tech-savvy crowds using QR codes. With the ability to provide a lot of information in just a small space, these codes encourage users to go beyond the advertisement and find information on their own.

A QR code can contain a wide variety of data, including but not limited to a link to a website, a brief amount of text, or even a full contact card to add to a user’s phone. Utilizing these codes can help you to provide easy-to-access information to interested parties with a click of a button. Businesses of all kinds are finding ways to incorporate these barcodes into their marketing, from realtors providing links to a listings website, to freelancers providing contact information to encourage easy future contact.

Be creative with QR codes. With services like bit.ly and invx.com that make it incredibly easy to generate your own codes, there’s no reason not to play with this trendy technology in your future marketing campaigns.

For more information on how you can incorporate QR codes into your advertising and marketing campaigns, contact the design professionals at Rampant Creative Group.

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