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The Basics of Brand Identity

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December 1st, 2010

As the representative of a business, you may have heard the term “Brand Identity” and wondered what it means. Brand identity is the recognizable, graphical “face” of your business. It can take many different forms, and can be as simple as a basic logo, or as involved as a memorable slogan, jingle, mascot, or more. What is most important to know and remember is that the responsibility of your brand identity is to set you apart from other businesses.

Think of each business as having a different stamp – this stamp represents the personality of the company. Some are memorable and long lasting, others are forgettable. The real trick in creating a good brand is to be consistent. Every fingerprint that your business leaves should look the same. Your business cards should match your website, letter heads, envelopes, and any advertising materials you may have.

For example, think about the Coca-Cola brand. This is a company that has been around for ages and has loads of marketing, yet it all has the same feel. When you see a Coca-Cola ad, you can instantly identify what company it is for. This is a sign of a strong brand.

So why is it important to have a strong brand identity? To put it simply – a brand makes you look like a reputable business, and more importantly, it conveys the personality of your business. Even if your business consists of just one person, it’s still important to look professional and legitimate, and having a pulled together image will do it.

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